Surya is a beautiful apricot colour, like a guanaco (a wild llama). He is very extroverted and friendly and tends to push his head into your armpit for a cuddle like an oversized dog. Bring him some carrots and you'll be friends for life! He loves to be at the front when we are out trekking.

Louis has grown into a delightful llama, cheeky, playful and ever so greedy. He loves to hang out at the back on treks then makes a big run for it to catch up with the others! He can be a great companion for young people who think walking is boring!!

Mungo is a beautiful apricot coloured llama. He is really coming into his own now there are some young llamas to look after, he spends lots of time with them and makes sure they are behaving properly. He has grown into a very gentle llama and is a perfect trekking companion for all ages.

Goji has the blackest velvety face and legs and the most delicious chocolate brown coat. He is very intelligent and is proving to be an excellent trekking llama. He loves to carry the picnic hampers and stands very proud when he is working.

Lucky is a beautiful lady llama and is so gentle. Her fabulous markings have been handed down to her little boy Dylan. Toffee is her daughter and is equally lovely. She really is the perfect llama mummy with baby Champagne joining the herd. We are so happy to have them in our herd.

Chocolate Rose is almost identical to Goji, they come from the same herd in Kent. She loves to be stroked on her gorgeous long chocolate neck. Diesel is her first baby and she has been a perfect mummy.

Toffee is the colour of smooth caramel. She had her first baby in 2018, Truffle is delighful and Toffee is proving to be such a fabulous mummy. She is so inquisitive and is very generous with her kisses, her fluffy coat reminds us of a good old fashioned teddy bear. 

Diesel is the most beautiful blue grey colour with a jet black face. He is our only entire male llama and the proud father of Champagne and Truffle. He has taken fatherhood in his stride and loves playing with the little ones. 

Dylan has the most amazing eyes framed by his black spectacles. He has grown into a perfect packing llama, a very important job for any llama to do. He has really grown into a fabulous llama.

Champagne is Lucky and Diesel's son. He is so fluffy, right down to his ankles! We think he is going to be the perfect companion for our llama trekkers.

Truffle is Toffee and Diesel's daughter. She is the most beautiful silver grey colour just like her daddy. We are really looking forward to training her to be a gentle trekking llama like her mummy and grandma.